Mark Warford is an award-winning director, author, musician and producer. Always looking to the next horizon, Warford's unparalleled career includes directing Academy Award-winning actors and writing and producing and performing with Grammy Award-winning musicians. As an acclaimed photographer and humanitarian, Warford has steered international expeditions and global awareness campaigns for the world's largest NGO's, driven coverage of major news and sporting events on behalf of the preeminent media institutions and proudly joined Archbishop Desmond Tutu in being honored as a global environmental ambassador.

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Soundscape designer, composer, performer, visual artist, architect and creator of ‘Earth Sounds’ and the living inspiration for 'Ramsey'.

One of the key components of ‘A Voyage For Soldier Miles’, and one of the most enjoyable to be immersed in, is the development of the soundscape. Sometime ago, in a land far, far away (OK, it’s Sweden.., but you know what I mean), the renowned sonic and visual artist, leif .e. boman happened upon a discovery that has enriched and amazed hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

Working in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Program and the embassies of every member country, his proprietary sound compositions, ‘Earth Sounds’, are derived from the elements and minerals of the natural world. Utilizing Emission Spectroscopy, boman adapts waveforms of light into sonic frequencies. Out of volcanic ash, concrete dust, water, microbes, moon rocks, etc., boman gives a voice to oceans, deserts, mountains, urban landscapes, environments of great beauty and sites of devastation and untold suffering.  

As the mineral composition in the earth differs greatly depending upon the location, so do the resulting sounds. The artists has collected earth samples from 203 countries, including all 193 UN countries and 4 territories. He has made sound recordings of all of them. The earth sound recordings are ‘stored’ as digital sound bytes - which means that they can be applied as sound sources for modern electronic musical instruments such as samplers, synthesizers, sequencers, etc.

This means that now, for the first time, a cinematic sound design will have a relevance that has never before been experienced. So much so, that the sounds themselves anchor a vital aspect of the storyline. And with a sonic impact that can literally shake a building to its foundation, the merging of traditional music compositions and boman’s ‘Earth Sounds’ is ultimately breathtaking.